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boat zincs made in the USA

Pencil Zinc Anodes for inboard saltwater Marine Engines







home of Best Boat ZincsBest Boat Zincs is a family owned and operated business. As a family of salt water boat owners living on or near the water we are very familiar with boater needs.

Captain Mike is the founder and inventor of the Best Boat Zincs design. The pencil zincs are manufactured in Newark and Rahway New Jersey. We are proud that we have created a product that boaters need and is made in the USA!

The Pencil Zinc Problem & the our Solution

Unfortunately many boaters are not familiar with sacrificial pencil zincs until a problem has occurred. Pencil zinc anodes are designed to be sacrificial ... to protect the engine from corrosion. However most pencil zinc anode designs can cause engine problems if they fall into the engine.

Even with proper boat maintenance and replacement of zincs, boat owners and mechanics have had corroded pencil zincs fall and damage inboard motor engines.

We recommend our Best Boat Zincs pencil zinc anodes because they were designed to NOT fall into the engine and therefore eliminate this one cause of engine corrosion.

Mike FedorAbout Captain Mike

Captain Mike (photo on right) patented his pencil zinc anode design for inboard engines out of necessity. Mike has always been a boat owner and would meticulously maintain his boats. When he purchased his current used boat a mechanic found a collection of several years of corroded pencil zinc anodes fallen into one engine. These corroded zinc anodes caused overheating and extensive and expensive damage to that engine.

Ever the entrepreneur, Captain Mike recognized that many boat owners were faced with this problem and set about to develop a solution. The Best Boat Zincs marine engine pencil zinc anodes were designed to NOT fall into the engine!

BUY Marine Engine Pencil Zinc Anodes

Call 908-419-7866 to order a single pencil zinc, the complete anode with brass plug or a six pack of replacement zincs.

Looking for a Marine Manufacturing Partner?

The Best Boat Zincs marine patent is good for 18+ years, without competition. This marine engine pencil zinc anode design will absolutely cause the currently used pencil zinc anodes to become OBSOLETE. Check out our testimonials. INTERESTED? Contact Captain Mike at

photo of our marine engine pencil zinc anode for sale



Marine Pencil Zinc Anodes made in the USA

marine engine pencil zinc anodes made in the USA